Focus, You Have One Goal

We all have dreams. Dreams are impossible to achieve in a short term period. Then we have goals, we set these goals to reach our dreams. As we take each step towards our… Continue reading

Lets Take the Time to Appreciate

Living in the U.S. we are privileged to have a home to sleep and have food to eat. Most of the times we are focused about getting more for ourselves, and there’s nothing… Continue reading

Free Roses

Great human helps woman by buying all her roses for sale. This reminds us that money is not a leading factor to how successful you are. Just remember that your actions represent who you… Continue reading

Appreciate What You Have

Today we are so focused with getting new things that we neglect what we already have. We look forward to creating new relationships, and leave behind the relationships we already have. Instead of… Continue reading

Tip of the Day: Take a Break

Most of us work for a living, and sometimes we work so hard that we feel to tired to spend time with the people we love. Just remember that our work will always… Continue reading

Are You Committed?

Are you interested or are you committed to achieving your current goals? Most may ask, what is the difference? If you have interest in fulfilling your goals, then you will complete your task… Continue reading

Stop Waiting…

I’ll do it later. For some reason we only feel obliged to start working when the deadline is near. Maybe you just need pressure to start working. We all put off work until… Continue reading

You Are Only One Person, But…

This was always my problem. I’m guilty of the,”but I’m just one person” crime. I’m so used to assuming that other people are going to make an effort to change their surrounding, that… Continue reading

Stuck in Your Comfort Zone?

You say you want to be healthy. You say you want to be rich. But are you doing anything towards these goals. Surrounding yourself with a room full of junk food is not… Continue reading

How’s Your Willpower Treating You?

Stop setting goals and stopping half way. Sometimes we get inspired and decide to dream big. And after the next day the inspiration is gone and we decide to quit. The problem is… Continue reading

A Forgotten Lifestyle.

This is probably going to be my favorite for a while. Live simply, so that others may simply live. A simple saying that would do wonders for the world. In a world where… Continue reading

Plan B is Extinct.

You’ve all heard of Plan B’s. They are there to back you up just in case Plan A doesn’t work. But what’s the point of spending half your time on Plan A and… Continue reading

Tip of the Day: One Win Is Not Enough.

You have one win in your hand, but that’s not enough. It’s not time to celebrate just yet. This is only a small win towards your goal. If you celebrate now, you might… Continue reading

We Used To Dream. A Lot.

Back then we used to tie a towel around our neck and jump off our beds only to soar for a couple of seconds. But those couple of seconds were enough to allow… Continue reading

Just Let The Tear Fall.

It’s not like we’re never going to get hurt in life. And it’s not like these episodes are meant to devastate us. These harsh times are just the flow of life and everyone… Continue reading

Tip of the Day: Start Your Morning Right.

You heard of this before, you can either work hard or work smart. It’s your choice. There’s nothing wrong about working hard, but what’s the point of working hard if the results are… Continue reading

The Dream Never Faded. Your Doubts Just Made It More Vivid To Me.

Are you sure? No one has ever done it before, so how will you do it? It’s Impossible. Well that’s not new. People telling you what’s possible and what’s impossible. But what do… Continue reading

G.R.I.N.D. For Happiness.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not making any progress toward my goals and it frightens me. My dreams and goals are still there, but I have my doubts like any human would. So… Continue reading